Thursday, March 26, 2009

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Darling I Love You But Give Me Park Avenue

I just returned from a grueling day in Hartford divorce court where I successfully argued that my client should get the family cat. With cameras all around, I thought word leaked about the brilliance of my argument. Suffice to say, they were not there for me. Tuesday was day five in the divorce trial of UTC Chairman George David and his estranged wife the Countess Marie. The couple has filed for divorce 4 times since marrying in 2002. Although they both signed a post-nuptial agreement that would give her about $43 million in the event of a divorce, the Countess wants 99 million. On top of that she wants to keep expensive jewelry (including a $150,000 ring), two Mercedes-Benzs, Benzezses Mercedezes..two fancy cars, real estate in Sweden and assorted personal property which includes a 10 piece commemorative Dale Jr NASCAR plate set. (I may have made the last one up.) She's seeking $130,000 a month in alimony and nearly $390,000 in legal fees The Countess is seeking the additional money because she thinks the 43 million isn't enough to maintain her $53,000-per-week living expenses. (see financial affidavit here) And what are those expenses you ask? Well, the mortgage, maintenance and rent fees for the Park Avenue penthouse (apparently NY is where she'd rather stay, she gets allergic smelling hay) the Hamptons retreat and properties in Sweden account for $27,300 a week, according to a financial affidavit she filed with the court. And then there's travel ($8,000), clothing ($4,500), a personal assistant ($2,209), horse care ($1,570), domestic help ($1,480), entertainment and restaurants ($1,500), health and skin care ($1,000), dry cleaning ($650), flowers ($600) and a trainer ($250).The expenses also include $481 a week for a cell phone. Might I suggest the Boost mobile unlimited plan for $50 a month. She's seeking $130,000 a month in alimony and nearly $390,000 in legal fees. George David sat sullen and battle worn on the witness stand. Sitting a few feet from the source of his misery he rarely glanced in her direction. It will be interesting to see how this case plays out.

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