Friday, March 20, 2009

CT Public Defender Arrested Over Deportation Ruckus

CT Public Defender Arrested Over Deportation BRISTOL, Conn. (AP) - State police have arrested a public defender in Bristol Superior Court after a dispute involving deportation of one of her clients. Police say 53-year-old Elisa Villa tried to block immigration enforcement agents from arresting one of her clients for deportation Thursday. Villa is charged with hindering prosecution, interfering with an officer and breach of peace. State police were called to the courthouse after being told Villa was not allowing the immigration officer access to 39-year-old Anselmo Antonio-Valerian, in court on motor vehicle charges. Troopers say Villa hid the man in her office and pushed an immigration officer as he tried to take Antonio-Valerian into custody. Villa is free on bond


Bristol Lawyer said...

What a ridiculous abuse of authority. First, a CT state's attorney misuses authority he never had with a "Federal Detainer", the judge doesn't know what to do, and then the defense attorney gets arrested for making sure her client is not illegally whisked away. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

Alex said...

The truth is more complicated than just a newspaper clip. ICE agents exceeded boundaries of their power in this particular case and tried to disregard few immigration rights that are afforded to the immigrants. Besides they acted in unprofessional manner toward Attorney Villa. As a result, all charges are dismissed against Attorney Villa.