Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pilot Program in New Britain Court Launched

Pilot Program in New Britain Courts

The state of Connecticut has launched a pilot program in New Britain Juvenile Court that they hope will increase the number of families reuinited after a parent's substance abuse has led to a child being taken away from the parent's custody. Called the Recovery Specialist Voluntary Program, it will give a chance for parents facing permanent separation from their kids, a chance to get them back. Basically, if a parent had his or her child taken away by DCF due to drug use, the parent can volunteer to take part in this program to work on getting their children back. The specialist will help the parent find and attend treatment programs, subject the parent to random drug testing, as well as other requirements. If successful, the 9-12 month program will expand to other state courts. Bridgeport and Willimantic should get it in June.

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