Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Death Penalty Sought for Former Kid Show Star

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Skylar Deleon, 29, who is accused of tying a couple to an anchor and tossing them from their yacht into the Pacific Ocean. Apparently, it was to help him raise the dough for a sex change operation. (Among the suspects, a guy who probably didn't meet his parents grand expectations "John Fitzgerald Kennedy") Deleon's claim to fame is that he was part of the kid show "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" . Despite Deleon's earlier protestations of innocence, once his trial began, Deleon's attorney conceded that Deleon had indeed committed all three murders. On October 20, 2008, Deleon was convicted of three counts of first-degree murder and special circumstances for financial gain and multiple victims,and on November 6, 2008, the jury recommended the death penalty. Sentencing was originally scheduled for January 16, 2009, but was then rescheduled to March 20, 2009 on request by Deleon's attorney The cast of Different Strokes aside, not all child actors go down the wrong path. On the Wonder Years, Kevin Arnold's best friend was Paul Pfeiffer, a guy who bore a striking resemblance to Millhouse on the Simpsons. For years a rumor circulated that actor Josh Saviano grew up to be Marilyn Manson. Let me put the rumor to rest. Today, Saviano is an associate at a prestigious Manhattan law firm in the Corporate Department and Intellectual Property Group. His practice focuses on private company mergers and acquisitions, private equity and general corporate matters, and all intellectual property matters. Not bad. I wonder what Winnie is up to?

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Danica Keller (fka Winnie Cooper) is a mathematician with at least one published book in the field who actively works to open the fields of math and science to young girls. And she's still beautiful to boot.