Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Do I Need to Buy a Cash Register? There has been some discussion in the Connecticut legislature about applying a sales tax to legal services. (Many thanks to Maria for the tip) Can you imagine trying to administer such a proposal. The practical and administrative burden this will create is ridiculous. Attorneys already pay an occupational tax and send checks to the client security fund. Clients already share the burden of supporting our legal system. They are faced with mandatory court filing fees, probate costs and other procedural costs. You need to sue someone for an injustice? Let me add a little salt to your wound. Some even argue that a sales tax on legal services might make companies think twice about investing in Connecticut. They may focus on in-house counsel to avoid the sales tax and a network of Connecticut small law firms could stand to lose their lifeline. Have they really thought this through? Short term solutions can cause larger problems. Someone isn't looking ahead. The following is from the CBA: APRIL 30- FIGHT THE PROPOSED PROFESSIONAL SALES TAX Help the CBA help you! Many of you were outraged when legislators proposed expanding the state’s sales tax to include legal services. We need to work together to make sure this idea does not become law. Please join your fellow CBA colleagues to impress legislators with the breadth and depth of our opposition to this scheme. The CBA opposes such a tax, as it is especially hurtful to clients in this current economic climate, is difficult to administer and comply with particularly in matters involving multistate or international parties and transactions, and could potentially drive the legal services business out of the state and put Connecticut attorneys at a disadvantage. In an effort to bring these detrimental effects to legislators’ attention, the CBA has set April 30 as the date for our voices to be heard. We are hoping to have as many members possible e-mail their local legislator on this one day and urge them to oppose the tax. Stay tuned for an e-mail on how to contact your local legislator and an e-mail template that you can use when contacting your legislator. In more serious news: crimes committed by Ferris Beuller During His Day Off

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