Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lawyer Gets Revenge With Billboard

In general, as members of the bar we are cordial to each other. We tend to exchange pleasantries in court and, like the mob, we realize that our work is not personal, only business. We try to adhere to high standards of professionalism, civility and class. Of course, I am sure there are a few lawyers you think deserve a nice wing tipped kick in the res ipsa loquitur. You know the ones. Those attorneys who will avoid mediation at all costs. The ones that put on a little theatrical show of one upmanship for their client. The ones that would not compromise on an issue of contention even if it meant saving his or her dear old grandma's life. Personally, I find such theatrics are usually done at the detriment of the client and needlessly prolong litigation. After dealing with a particularly annoying firm for several years, attorney Enrico Schaefer decided enough was enough. He ordered a billboard, advertising his firm and his roster of clients, right next to his competitor's offices. Childish and petty? Perhaps. But funny nonetheless. He now gets the personal satisfaction of his nemesis seeing his billboard every morning as he drives into work. A tip of the gavel to Legal Blog Watch and the ABA Journal.

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