Thursday, May 28, 2009

Professor Obama's Constitutional Law Final Exam

As you may know, our 44th president spent a few years as a Constitutional Law professor at the University of Chicago Law School. Recently, I stumbled across this link from the Law Professor Blogs Network. I thought some of my readers might enjoy it. It's a copy of Professor Obama's 1996 Final Exam in Constitutional Law III. Remember, eyes forward. No talking. Please use a number 2 pencil. These were the actual instructions: 1. This is an open book exam. You may use any materials or notes used in our class. You may not refer to cases, articles, etc. that were not used in class. 2. You will have six hours to complete the exam. The exam is designed, however, to be completed in approximately three hours. Feel free to use the extra three hours as you wish (anxiously flipping through the casebook for that one last citation, or heading over to the gym for a good workout - your choice). 3. The exam consists of two Parts. In grading the exam, I will treat each part as roughly equal in weight. Part Two contains two separately numbered questions: I will accord roughly the same weight to each question. 4. I would greatly prefer that your answer be typed (word-processed). Assuming you type, you must double-space, use a If-point font, and provide for at least one inch margins all the way around the page. Your answer must be no more than 15 pages; I will stop reading after 15 pages. 5. If you really truly cannot type, or lack access to a word processor, then you may use a bluebook. Please write on only one side of the bluebook, and remember to skip lines. 6. Read each question carefully and think before you write. Please do not feel obliged to make use of the 15 page maximum in formulating your answers. The exam can be answered magnificently in half that number. Good luck, and have a good holiday.