Monday, June 15, 2009

Reminder. Filing Fees in Connecticut Courts Increase July 1st

A friendly reminder to our Connecticut readers. Effective July 1st, its gonna cost you a little extra to get justice in the Nutmeg State. As you may already know, filing fees are being increased. Don't be surprised if you see an influx in lawsuits this month. A tap of the gavel to A Connecticut Law Blog for the reminder. INCREASED FILING FEES The bill increases the following court fees: 1. the jury fee in civil actions, from $ 350 to $ 425; 2. the filing fee for bringing a case in the Superior Court, from (a) $ 225 to $ 300 and (b) from $ 120 to $ 175, for a case in which the sole claim for relief is damages of up to $ 2,500 and for summary process, landlord and tenant, and paternity actions; 3. entry fee for small claims court, from $ 35 to $ 75; 4. fees to transfer a small claims case to the regular docket from $ 75 to $ 125; 5. designation of a case as a complex litigation from $ 250 to $ 325; 6. application for a prejudgment remedy, from $ 100 to $ 175; 7. a motion to open, set aside, modify, or extend any Superior Court civil judgment, (a) from $ 35 to $ 75 for housing matters, (b) $ 25 to $ 75 for small claims matters, and (c) from $ 70 to $ 125, for other matters; 8. filing a motion to open or reargue a judgment in any civil appeal rendered by the Supreme Court or Appellate Court or to reconsider any other civil matter decided in either court, from $ 70 to $ 125; and 9. application by a judgment creditor for (a) an execution against the personal property of a judgment debtor or the debt due from a financial institution or (b) a wage execution against a judgment debtor who fails to comply with an installment payment order, from $ 35 to $ 75.

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