Friday, June 5, 2009

More Trainwreck Lawyer Ads. End Your Week With a Smile.

I Don't Know Whether to Laugh or Cry. Thank you for all your kind comments regarding our post Mobile Law Offices, Free Biscotti and the Decline of Western Civilization If you enjoyed it, I encourage you to view the following train wrecks in lawyer advertising (courtesy of A little light hearted humor for the weekend. These are the kind of ads that would make Matlock cry. If one of these ads happens to be yours, do the rest of us a favor. Kindly look in the mirror and read the following aloud: "Really? Is this why I went to law school? Is this why I busted my butt studying for the bar exam. Is this how I want my profession perceived by the public?" Next, kindly kick your own ass. Please rent the Fight Club for helpful tips. (But don't tell anyone about Fight Club. Rule #1 about Fight Club....You don't talk about fight club). Without further adieu. Please feel free to comment about your favorite. Enjoy: Lawyer Rap Ad Pay Me Now Bankruptcy Ad Spoof Ad (Most conservative one of the bunch)

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