Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is Everyone a Constitutional Scholar?

Recently, I overheard two defendants discussing their recent arrest. Apparently, the two gentle folk were detained simply for trying to steal gas from a large storage tank. Their cunning plan was to repeatedly bash a metal wrench against the nozzle of the tank with the hopeful anticipation that it would produce a gush of liquid gold. (I can only assume they were also smoking as sparks flew off the wrench with each hit). The discussion eventually turned to politics as it related to their current woes. "The only reason we got arrested is because of that socialist Kenyan in the White House. They arrested us without a warrant. And did you hear that Barack HUSSEIN Obama wants to take over the census. That is a violation of Article One of the Constitution." Despite my best efforts to turn invisible, they noticed me. "Hey, you're a lawyer. Tell him. This Nazi is violating Article One of the Constitution because he wants the director of the Census Bureau to report to the White House." I thought back to my Con Law class. Article One? Was that the one that said you shouldn't covet thy neighbor's something or other? I did what any self respecting attorney would have done. "I'm actually a used car salesman. " I answered. As the political climate in the US heats up, it appears more and more people are becoming constitutional scholars. Added to that, many have taken to speaking like extras from the movie Braveheart. They refer to each other as fellow patriots who must rise to defend the oncoming slaught of tyranny. They tweet about what Madison's intentions were in the Federalist papers. People who normally blog about their cats suddenly post their interpretations of Supreme Court rulings. They debate the definition and the intentions of our forefathers in what constitutes a natural born citizen. Some take the debate to a fever pitch. Interpreting the Constitution is not an easy task. Just ask the Supreme Court or any first year law student. Not suprisingly, there are some out there who misinterpret the Constitution in an effort to inject misinformation into a highly charged debate. If you're not a constitutional scholar, don't worry about it. Use your common sense. Do you really believe the government wants to unconstitutionally kill your grandmother using death panels run by illegal immigrants? Neither do I. ___________________________ Editors note: You may want to check out Factcheck.org for more information on whose nose is growing faster. Unless you still think the president was born in Kenya. In that case check out Lawyer - Dentist - Real Estate Agent - Birth Certificate Afficianado Orly Taitz's blog

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