Friday, March 26, 2010

Shooting In New Britain. Bondsman Found Dead.

We end this weeks posts on a sour note.  I woke up this morning with news of a shooting in the Hardware City.  After reports of numerous shots fired, SWAT members responded to a Chestnut Street address to find two women suffering from serious gunshot wounds and one  man dead.  I was surprised to learn the identity of the man.  It was 42 year old Nick Salza.  According to police reports, Salza shot his ex-wife Tobi Salza and her friend Tiffany Sitaro before turning the gun on himself.  He died of a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

For those of my readers who practice in Connecticut, you may have crossed paths with Nick Salza.   A fixture in New Britain Superior Court,the father of three was the owner of All Out Bail Bonds.  He was as known for his wisecracking nature as his ability to get you out of jail.  As you can imagine, today's mood in GA 15 was one of disbelief.  From most accounts, it appears Salza's divorce was amicable and he was a "happy go lucky" guy.  Nevertheless, many that knew Nick report that he had been acting out of sorts lately. 

As information continues to come in, we extend our condolences to the Salza family and the victims of this horrible tragedy.


Bondsmen said...

Do you have any pictures of MR.Nick Salza?I've been to Connecticut and heard this tragic story.One of the saddest story I've known.

Tom McCollum said...
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