Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pick A Card, Any Card

Knowing When to Fold Em
The state of Connecticut has found an interesting method in attacking its cold case files. According to New London's  Day Newspaper, Connecticut has 18,250 inmates spread out among the state's 17 correctional facilities (Shout out to my homies in cell block D). They will be picking inmate brains to gather tips on unsolved crimes by distributing playing cards. Created in conjunction with the Chief State' Attorney's Office and the Department of Corrections, the playing cards depict the photo of a victim and a brief description on where they were last seen or killed. Apparently, the idea was inspired by cards distributed to US troops in Iraq which featured Ace of Spades Saddam Hussein.
According to Chief State Attorney Kevin Kane, there are between 400 to 500 unsolved homicides in the Nutmeg State. At a cost of $12,250, state authorities indicated producing the cards did not cost Connecticut taxpayers any money.

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