Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nutmeg Lawyer Voted Number One Connecticut Legal Blog

A manned flight shadows the ground at Kitty Hawk. A flickering bulb brightens the walls of a New Jersey lab.  One small step onto the surface of the moon mesmerizes a planet. 

Throughout history, humanity has experienced momentous events that would alter our daily lives. Milestones that would define our very humanity and embolden our dreams. Like the fabled Icarus, we strove to soar closer to the sun.  Today, history takes another bold step forward towards the heavens.  There is no doubt. You will remember this day for the rest of your life. 

Yes, the final results are in for the ABA Journal's Top 100 Blawg Contest.   We came in fourth in the IMHO category. 
So how can I spin this? Hmmm.

With the final vote tally, it appears the Nutmeg Lawyer has received the most votes of any blog representing the delegation from the great state of Connecticut.  Of course, that means the Nutmeg Lawyer is officially the undisputed number one legal blog in Connecticut.  That's right.  The coveted pole position. The head cheese. Numero Uno. Despite a multitude of Connecticut's top legal blogs in the competition, we came out on top. (Editors note: by multitude we mean 3 other blogs) Our blog even managed to squeeze into the top 30 of the Top 100 blogs selected.  No word on how we did in Guam.  

Of course, my claim to these undeserved accolades is tongue in cheek.   In fact, this would probably be the moment where Kayne West would jump on stage to wrest the microphone from my hand to tell you why some other blog was better.  He would tell you that a handful of readers voting for me does not make me the most important legal blog in the state.  I will take that into consideration.  Nevertheless, I plan to milk the designation for the remainder of the year.  

This was my first foray into the Blawg 100.  I just started my blog in 2009.  I was pleasantly surprised just to be included as one of the nominees this year.  There were many blogs not included that I feel were far more deserving.  

I'll mention the nominees from the Nutmeg State.  The first is A Connecticut Employment blog.  It is my understanding that this blog has surpassed a million hits.  Through his informative and well written blog, Attorney Daniel Schwartz has quickly become a leading voice in labor law.  These are the types of blogs the ABA should recognize. 

Attorney Ryan McKeen's  "A Connecticut Law Blog" made history this year when Ryan questioned the Secretary of State's eligibility to run for Attorney General. The ripple effect he started would eventually force the front-runner to bow out of the race.  

And although we both practice criminal defense, "A Public Defender's Gideon is the blogger who actually writes thoughtful posts on the subject area.  He gives his readers an inside perspective into the life of a public defender.  

As a "newbie", I was surprised to see the maddening effect this contest has on some attorneys including myself. After all,  we are all members of our respective bars.  As attorneys we do command a certain sense of respectableness.  Yet, once the readers' choice portion began,  many of the nominees went a bit crazy.  Respected attorneys and professors alike began begging for votes through twitter, blog posts and their class lectures. ( If you recently used the first floor men's room in Grand Central Station, you may have seen my plea for votes scratched into one of the doors).  While some bloggers feigned humility, others sang their own praises.   I reminded a client to vote for me before he left for prison just in case he didn't have internet access in the pen. (I'm kidding of course). 

My biggest surprise came from  bloggers who were not nominated.  Like a prom queen runner up, some really took it to heart.  One guy questioned the very purpose of the American Bar Association.  Others disparaged nominees.  Still others asked "How dare the ABA not include certain blogs on the list!", "I would never display that award badge on my blog"  or the standard Fraido Corleone / Susan Lucci response "Why not me?  How come I was passed over.  I was in Who's Who.

To those I say, relax.  You are taking this whole thing a bit too seriously.  Citing totally fabricated statistics, there are an estimated 98.3 billion legal blogs floating around the intergalactic blawgosphere.   The fact that the editors narrowed down the field to 100 is an accomplishment in itself.  It doesn't mean your blog sucks.  I am sure you are very influential in your field.  But your dry analysis of Guatemalan shipping regulations can't compete with Above the Law's coverage of which Big law partner made out with an intern at what bar.  Plus, there is always next year.  

I'm glad the ABA Journal does this ever year.  It gives me a chance to stumble across some great blogs.  For a small blog like mine, it also gave me a chance to expose myself to lots of people.  Wait....that didn't sound right.

Our warmest thanks to everyone who voted for the Nutmeg Lawyer especially Mrs. Finklestein's PS 73 third grade class.  Your hamster will be returned to you unharmed at the agreed upon location.

And thank you to the ABA Journal.  It was fun.  We truly appreciate the nod. 

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