Monday, February 21, 2011

Late for Her Massage Appointment, Woman Backs BMW into Mercedes Owner Then Flees

I tend to get teased a bit for practicing law in Connecticut.  My New York friends seem to think that everyone in the state wears a sweater tied around their neck in the style of the preppy bully prevalent in 80s cinema.  They assume my clients all have personal injury claims from polo matches  and criminal matters that stem from drinking too much cognac at the country club. As a practicing attorney,  I can assure you that Connecticut lawyers must deal with very real issues. Our clients have the same problems as attorneys in other states.  Don't believe me?  I offer a recent example from the mean streets of Farmington, Connecticut.

Courtesy West Hartford Police
Real Housewives of Farmington
Our story begins in a West Hartford Center parking lot where a young mother was taking her baby out of her Mercedes SUV.   Suddenly, a mad woman brushed by her as she dashed to her BMW X5.  The rushing woman yelled she was in a hurry.  Late for an important date, she got into her car and started to back up.  The young woman screamed.  The BMW was backing right into her.  Despite the mother's frantic screams, the hurried woman backed her BMW right into the Mercedes pinning the poor owner. Thankfully, the 6 month old baby was not hurt. Frankly, I was shocked and appalled.  The absolute nerve of some riff raff BMW driver doing this to a Mercedes owner?  I mean really. This isn't communist Russia.

The driver of the BMW was identified as 59 year old Pamela Freedman of Farmington.  In her defense, Freedman did roll down her window to tell her victim "I told you I was late."  She then left the scene.  About an hour later, Freedman was picked up by West Hartford's finest.  Her excuse?  She was late for a massage.  Freedman was charged with risk of injury to a minor, first degree reckless endangerment, breach of peace and evading responsibility.  


Anonymous said...

"...charged with risk of injury to a minor, first degree reckless endangerment, breach of peace and evading responsibility."

Is that preppy for "hit and run?"

Equus Spirit said...

Y'all got nothing on the Dunwoody housewives in north Atlanta, the "Snob Cobb County" jackals in Northwest Atlanta, or the Peachtree City Princes and Princesses south of Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport. Honey, please....

Anonymous said...

They're everywhere, aren't they?