Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Attorney Cliff Tuttle Awarded First Annual Law Baron Award in Literary Excellence

I would like to extend my warmest thanks to Pennsylvania Attorney Cliff Tuttle for being such a great supporter of the Nutmeg Lawyer over the years. Attorney Tuttle is the author of "Pittsburgh Legal Backtalk", Pennsylvania's most prolific legal blog.  Cliff and I often rank similarly in AVVO's listing of the web's top legal blogs as we "yo-yo" between who is in the lead.

Some time ago, I had asked Attorney Tuttle to provide a post on the Nutmeg Lawyer.  He graciously obliged.  After reviewing our statistics, we discovered that Cliff's post was the most read of any post submitted by a guest author.  To date, 10.5 Reasons to Blog has received in excess of 19,000 hits.   As a result of his post, our blog received some great exposure and a wonderful increase in readership.

The Prestigious Law Baron. 
It's a Major Award  
It is my honor to bestow on Attorney Cliff Tuttle our first annual Law Baron Award in Literary Excellence.  The Law Baron is a prestigious award named after Connecticut Attorney Adrian Mark Baron who's own writings have touched the hearts and souls of millions throughout the world.  The Law Baron is awarded to the guest author who produced the most read article for the year on the Nutmeg Lawyer.  Not only is it a prestigious award, the Law Baron Award in Literary Excellence is also a wonderful addition to any law office as a functional lamp.

It should be arriving in Attorney Tuttle's office within a few weeks because I didn't spring for expedited shipping.  See Attorney Tuttle's winning post here  Why Blog? 10.5 Good Reasons


Equus Spirit said...

Wonder if he'll put that in the office or the wife will put it in the neighborhood yard sale???

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