Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boston Bound

Nothing prolific to post today, just thought I'd share a story with you.  Whether it's a client, politician or a child who just broke a lamp, sometimes you don't get the full story. During a recent visit to my local Connecticut courthouse, I overheard a Massachusetts state trooper indicating he had crossed state lines to nab a fugitive.  My ears perked when I heard the name of the man he was sent to apprehend. It was my client. 

It was a surprise to me considering my client never mentioned that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts had it in for him. Adding to my dismay, I also learned that Mass state troopers did not dress like revolutionary minutemen.  I asked the client if he was aware that their was an old pending warrant out for his arrest.  His response to me: "Why is that important?"

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Anonymous said...

This story reminds me of an early client experience. On behalf of the solo practitioner I worked for I was handling an arraignment and bail hearing on an attempted murder charge. My client was accused of firing a shot gun through the back window of a car intentionally aiming at the driver. I met his mother in the courthouse lobby and reviewed the standards for granting bail with her. I observed that while her son had no prior record, strong ties to the community etc the seriousness of the charge worked against him. She said, "I'm glad you mentioned that. What is all the fuss about? He missed."