Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fedoras, Pony Tails and Buckskin Jackets

Can a Trademark Look Make You a More Successful Lawyer?
It seems these days we are seeing a big nod to the 1960s.  On the Silver Screen, both Men In Black III and the new X-Men film are apparently going to be set in the sixties.  Mad Men will be returning for a new season.   Fashion runways are filled with sixties inspired fashions while songs by artists like Cee Lo favor an up-beat Motown sound.  Commercials feature some of the era's best songs.  Volkswagen is reintroducing their iconic VW Bus.  I've even noticed a few attorneys sporting fedoras.

The fedora may be just the thing I need to make me a successful lawyer.  Several lawyers of note have adopted trademark looks.  Maybe that's the key? Gloria Allred wears signature red dresses.Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox wore a trademark bow tie. Ron Kuby wears a ponytail.   Gerry Spence wears a cowboy hat and a frilly buckskin leather jacket that would make any Whitesnake fan proud.  Even Matlock wore an iconic powder blue seersucker suit.  Maybe a fedora could be my thing.  Hopefully, Charlie Sheen didn't ruin it for me.

I hope Charlie Sheen hasn't done to fedoras what Jon Gosselin has done to Ed Hardy Shirts.  You see someone in one of those Ed Hardy shirts and you automatically assume the guy is a cretin.  If the fedora thing is done, maybe I'll go the Gerry Spence route.  I always wanted to be a cowboy.


Anonymous said...

I've been wearing fedoras for 35 years. Class never goes out of style.

Ellen T. Wright said...

Charlie Sheen wears the fedora with tacky knit shirts. You'd be wearing them with a suit-at least a two-button jacket, possibly even a vest, and a broadcloth shirt and tie of some sort. There's a vast difference. Sheen may be wealthy, but he's a spoiled brat and tacky. Just go to a reputable gentleman's clothier like Jos. A. Banks and let them fit you out. I think you'd look outstanding.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that as a member of the bar, attorneys with ponytails give me the willies. My commentary on their hair choice is this:
1. 1983 called, and it wants its style back.
2. It didn't look good on the Doobie Brothers, and it looks worse on you.
3. Defense attorneys (who seem to be serial offenders of the ponytail rule) don't win over juries with their greasy, stringy locks.
4. You cannot hide your male-pattern baldness with a ponytail. It just makes you look like a fictional mad scientist.
5. Hiding the gray hair by turning it into a ponytail does not make you hipper or younger.
6. Please put down the coke spoon.
7. Please do not shed on my conference room furniture.
8. The police can tell what you've been smoking if you leave any of that behind.
9. Are you really that socially timid, that you need a gimmick to market clients?
10. Seriously, did you really think through your personal hygiene regimen?

In my humble opinion. Please feel free to share this with other attorneys.

Anonymous said...

let's be real ed hardy was for tools long before jon gosselin did anything.