Thursday, April 14, 2011

Penn State's Dickinson School of Law Selects the Nutmeg Lawyer as Blog of the Month.

Lewis Katz Building
I have always said that Penn State's Dickinson School of Law is one of the finest legal institutions in the world. Its hallowed halls have produced some of the finest legal practitioners in the nation. Founded in 1834, the venerable institution is the fifth oldest law school in the United States.  It exudes civility and class.

In an unrelated note, our warmest thanks to Penn State's Dickinson School of Law and the April edition of the Alumni Connection.  The Nutmeg Lawyer was pleasantly surprised to be selected as "Blog of the Month."

It was considerably surprising considering several years ago the school had sent my application back to me with the words "no" written repeatedly in permanent black marker.  Admissions took the additional step of stapling a protective order to my rejected application informing me that I was required to stay 100 yards from the campus.  OK, so maybe that never happened.  In all sincerity, I am truly appreciative of the mention.  We send our warmest regards.

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Irene C. Olszewski, Esq. said...

As always, Adrian, congrats are in order!