Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Batman Arrested Dangling Off Roof in Michigan

Criminal of the Week:  Mark Wayne Williams:  Some may argue that the streets of Petoskey, Michigan are a little more dangerous now.  The Huffington Post and other news outlets have reported that Batman has been arrested by local authorities.  His secret identity has been revealed as less than mild mannered 31 year old Mark Wayne Williams.

Police responded to a report of a man standing on a roof top in the center of town. They found Williams dressed as Batman hanging off the side of a 40 foot building.  No surprise here.  In order to begin a night of crime fighting, one must start the evening peering over the ledge of a building upon the city in a cool superhero pose.  This particular Batman has been charged with a myriad of counts of carrying a concealed weapon, one count for carrying a gas-ejecting weapon (enter immature 4th grade level joke here) and creating a disturbance.  Old Bats was carrying several items in his utility belt which included a can of chemical irritant spray, a telescoping steel baton, and lead lined gloves.  In addition to his criminal charges, we can only assume he will be grounded as well.

On his MySpace page, Williams calls anyone a hero who "stands up for what they believe in and for others."  Come on. Really?  MySpace.  Everyone knows the real Batman would be on Facebook.   The Dark Knight is due back in court May 30.  


Michael said...

Oh boy... a pity he couldn't have found a slightly larger costume... not exactly the best figure to show it off! :-0

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for work, and a friend suggested I should follow in his footsteps, but I can't, I'm too busy with that Superman thing.

Anonymous said...

After Christain Bale....oh, puh-leeze!

This guy looks like the Michelin dude in Halloween garb. Nope, sorry. Not even in the ballpark.