Monday, December 12, 2011

Man Charged with Disorderly Conduct After Killing Mother

I'm Not Dead Yet
If you practice law, you probably have your share of "what were they thinking" clients.  45 year old Scott Bennett of Pennsylvania fits the bill.   Apparently, Mr. Bennett wanted paid time off for bereavement due to the death of his mother. He told his employers that dear old mom died and produced an obituary from the Jeffersonian Democrat newspaper as added proof.  The news was particularly surprising for Mrs. Bennett, who was not indeed dead.  After calling the newspaper to let them know, she was asked to provide more proof.  Mrs. Bennett went down to the paper to demonstrate that she was still kicking around.  Her son was charged with disorderly conduct for sending in a fake obituary.


Business Lawyers Toronto said...

Some people are responsible for their own action, he was absolutely wrong at this point.

Ellen T. Wright, CRP said...

Well, my husband had to prove to Sears that he was still alive so we could do a re-fi several years ago. It happens.