Monday, December 19, 2011

What Should I Buy the Lawyer in My Life?

If you practice law, there is a good chance that your Christmas presents are regulated to an assortment of neckties, John Grisham novels, and other attorney related products that include various pieces of engraved crap that are destined to gather dust.  Hopefully these last minute gift ideas might steer gift givers (hint hint, nudge nudge, say no more) in the right direction. 

A Tablet Computer
The more I use my tablet computer in my daily practice, the more I can't do without it.  I happen to own the Samsung Galaxy tablet. It has made me a more productive attorney.  Whenever my secretary updates my schedule, I get an update on my tablet.  I use it to scan documents (using the camera feature coupled with a scanner app), check emails, look up statutes,  or read a good book during court down time.  I particularly enjoy the ability to scan QR codes with the tablet.  Each of our files has it's own specific QR code.  By scanning it, my tablet's browser opens our Clio software program directly to the client's information page.  I can check on documents, get contact information or input billing from virtually anywhere.    

A Magic Wand

Depending on your practice, a handheld scanner might be a godsend.  I throw mine in my brief case and use it to quickly scan court documents, accident reports and deeds in the town clerk's office.  I also tend to use it to scan various articles about our firm in local papers.  Very quick and easy to use.  (Of course, if you have a smart phone or a tablet computer, you may simply want to download a scanner application to accomplish your out of office scanning needs.)

 A Phonograph
I'm sorry...a what?! Let me explain.  Lately, I have been spending my free time watching HBO's Boardwalk Empire so I have the roaring 20s on my brain.  Set during the days of prohibition, the series chronicles the symphony of politics, crime, and law played out in Atlantic City. After watching two seasons worth of back to back episodes, I found myself craving salt water taffy. I even developed a bad Jimmy Cagney impression.  As a result, I now have to explain to my wife what possessed me to buy phonograph. Did I finally lose it?  In my defense, it makes a great conversation piece for our law office.  Not only does it play records, the phonograph can also play my totally awesome 80s mix cassette tapes, CDs and has a USB plug in which allows for direct to USB recording.  It even comes with a wireless remote.  Search phonograph on Amazon and you can find replicas truer to the original version as well.  

A Putting Green 
With a busy law practice, it can be impossible to make it out to the greens.  Granted, this may be one of those stereotypical executive gifts, but why not?  The legal profession is a stressful one.  The golf course is a great way to network with potential clients.  Wouldn't it be great to get in a little practice?  Search Amazon and you can find versions as cheap as around $30.  More expensive versions can be found for your backyard in the thousands. 

A Book that Could Change Your Practice
 If you know a solo practioner just starting out, or even those in practice for years, it may behoove you to pick up a copy of Carolyn Elefant's "Solo By Choice."  My decision to include this book has nothing to do with the shout out the Nutmeg Lawyer received in the latest edition.  It's a wonderful resource. You may just find a few tips that can kickstart your practice or revive one stuck in a rut.  In the coming weeks, the NL plans to do a review on the book. 

OK.  Maybe this suggestion is a little cliche. Over the years, I have gathered an odd assortment of cufflinks.  My first pair came from my late grandfather.  I wore them on the day I was sworn in.  I tend to wear them for a little extra luck during particularly difficult cases.  (they go well with my lucky rabbit's foot, the garlic I hang around my neck and the deck of tarot cards I carry to court). 

A Bottle of Aspirin.
Law practice is full of headaches. It may be the perfect gift...
If the tried and true scales of justice is too cliche, you may want to consider their favorite sports team, Superhero, or hobby. 


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