Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

If you ever watched a Mountain Dew commercial, you often see thrill seeking teens "doing the Dew."  The commercials usually involve thrill seekers bungee jumping,  skateboarding or skydiving on a snowboard into an avalanche while holding the green bottle full of liquid youth.  Fifty two year old Ronald Ball wanted to "do the Dew."  After purchasing a bottle from a vending machine, he alleges he got more than he expected.

Mr. Ball is suing Pepsi because he claims his Mountain Dew had a dead mouse inside.  Along with a swig of the Dew, Ball took a mouthful of mouse causing him to become violently ill.  A summary judgment hearing is scheduled for later this month in Madison, Illinois.  Ball claims that he has evidence including witness testimony of individuals who saw him consume the mousey concoction.  He sent the mouse to Pepsi in a mason jar for analysis.

In their response, Pepsi claims that there is no evidence the mouse was in the can before it was filled and sealed by the bottler.  The company offered scientific evidence from a veterinary pathologist. The expert claimed there was no way the mouse could have been in the can.  The acid in Mountain Dew would have disintergrated the mouse's body.  Had a mouse been in the can, its body would have transformed into a "jelly-like substance" and the head and stomach would have ruptured.  Mr. Ball is represented by Tom Keefe Jr. and Samantha Unsell.

As for me, I think I'll stick with bottled water.


Ellen T. Wright, CRP said...

The citric acid in Dew could have done WHAT? Adrian, I used to be a lab tech. Acids can do a lot of things-if they are concentrated enough, but I am going to have to be convinced that there is enough acid in a can of Dew to do that. Methinks somebody is pulling legs around here BIG time. It would burn your mouth and lips if there was. Nope-don't buy it.

And that's purely aside from the visceral EWWWW! factor.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney said...

Yes. I agree. Let's just settle for bottled water.