Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Prominent Lawyer Forces Wife to Eat Shoe.

The Sweet Life. Lawyer Turned Chocolatier.

Since entering private practice, I have visited over 25 court houses in Connecticut.  Middletown Superior Court ranks high among my favorites. They have a friendly court staff, the first hour of parking is free and the Connecticut River is a short distance down the road.    The water is so close that boating barristers could conceivably dock their vessels and walk to court. Over the past few years, Middletown has undergone a bit of a renaissance. Visitors can find many great dining establishments just a briefcase throw away from the court house steps.  Not surprisingly, when it came time to celebrate my wife's birthday, I suggested a restaurant in downtown Middletown.  Unfortunately, I chose a restaurant with no dessert menu.  

You made your wife eat a shoe?!
How could I celebrate my wife's birthday with no cake? Frantically walking the streets  I vainly searched for a bakery.   I would find my salvation at Tschudin Chocolates.   There it was standing elegantly in the lit display case among chocolate beetles, matchbox cars and i Phones.  A chocolate stiletto heeled shoe.  My wife would love it. I had found the glass slipper for my princess.  I had chocolatier Robert Tschudin Lucheme to thank.  But where had I seen the smiling man with the chef hat before?

There are many places you may have stumbled across Robert Lucheme.   Like many superheroes, he had an alter ego.   He is also an attorney.  And not just any attorney.  Robert is a member of the Connecticut Bar, the United States Court of Appeals, the US District Court, the US Military Court of Appeals, and the US Immigration Court.   You may have seen him on television.  Attorney Lucheme was WNBC TV (New York) WTNC TV (Minneapolis) and Hartford Channel 3’s “Consumer Counsel” and “The People’s Lawyer .®”   You may have also caught him on the Food Network.  He recently competed on the show "Sweet Genius."  Still not ringing a bell?  Perhaps you were involved in a fire.  He's also a fireman.   Is there anything this guy can't do?   Thankfully one of his talents is making great chocolate creations.  Our party guests got a kick out of his chocolate high heeled creation.  I plan to make another visit to Tshudin chocolates real soon.  And it serves as a reminder.   Law practice can be stressful.  Take time out to follow your passions.   And eat some chocolate once in awhile.  

You can find Tshudin Chocolates at 100Riverview Center in Middletown, Connecticut or on the web at http://www.tschocolates.com/


Anne Roberts said...

Yeah!!! He was on Sweet Genius! But I was not a fan of the show. I just caught a few episodes since my sister is a huge fan. Looks like a jack of all trades. Yum!

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