Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vernon Woman Punches Iron Jawed Baby

Connecticut's Channel 3 Eye Witness News reports that a Vernon woman involved in an altercation with another woman wound up punching a baby.  Yes, a baby.  

As one facebook poster put it, sounds like something out of a Will Ferrell movie. During the fight, 31 year old Jessica Diaz tried to punch another woman and missed.  She connected with the woman's infant instead.  Apparently when Vernon PD arrived, Ms. Diaz was pretty drunk and uncooperative. She was arrested and charged with assault, disorderly conduct, threatening, risk of injury to a minor and interfering with police.  It didn't end there.  When she was in her cell, she decided to destroy two blankets.  The action brought on an additional charge of criminal mischief.  
I know what you are going to say.  How can anyone punch a baby?  But to paraphrase the Will Ferrell film "the Candidate,"   did anyone even bother to ask Ms. Diaz how her hand was after punching that iron jawed baby?  Everyone knows babies can't be trusted.  Before we rush to judgment, let's wait for the facts to come out.  No one knows what this baby was up to.  
Diaz is scheduled to appear in Rockville Superior court on Jan. 29.  Our thanks to Mary Scanlon for the find.

(Editor's note:  Thankfully the baby was not seriously injured and apparently required no medical attention)


katrina law said...

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Hank Summers said...

This is a very unfortunate accident and really has no reason to have ever happened. I feel so bad for the innocent baby and did see that movie mentioned and thought it was funny at the time but after hearing this I feel kind of bad. personal injury medford

Smurph Lin said...

Oh my goodness! That baby had better have a fantastic lawyer in Calgary so that she can sue the woman who tried to assault her! I agree with the comment that this sounds like something out of a Will Ferrel movie, haha.