Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lawyers, Politicians, and Dog Catchers

My Journey Into the World of Politics.
I recently announced to my family that I intended to run for the position of alderman on my local city council.  I expected a flood of accolades and cheers of "huzzah!" followed by a rousing rendition of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow."  Instead I received a one word question.  "Why?"  It was followed with the supportive statement "You are already a lawyer.  Now you want to be a politician?  Why not become a dog catcher too so nobody likes you?  Maybe you should also get a job at the DMV just to be sure."

It is my understanding that 24 presidents were qualified to practice as lawyers. According to the Congressional Research Service, 170 members of the House and 60 Senators are lawyers.  It is not surprising that many of our bar brethren enjoy politics.  It is a natural fit.  People come to us to solve life's toughest ills.  We are trained to analyze problems and offer solutions. We live and breathe the law. Coupled with our penchant for perfectly coiffed hair and whitened teeth, it is no wonder many attorneys would want to dip their wingtips into the political pool. Addressing his state's Board of Governors, Florida's Chief Justice Charles Wells stated that lawyer-legislators are needed  "because the passage of laws in all sorts of areas just demand there be technical expertise by people who are trained in the law."   

My own interest in running came out of my work in the community.  After moving our law office to the city of New Britain, I took a personal interest in the neighborhood. I formed a business association.  Local merchants would ask me to support their bids for various permits and variances at city council meetings.  They asked me to help them with the courts when they were victims of crime.  I was eventually appointed to city commissions by the former Republican mayor and the current Democratic mayor.  Eventually, I was asked to run. I accepted the honor and decided to throw my hat into the ring.  

So I'm off to the races.  I am happy to report that I am the officially endorsed Democratic candidate for the position of Alderman in New Britain's Ward 4 district.  This section of the city includes a state university, a golf course and the bustling Little Poland neighborhood.  Perfect for a Polish speaking attorney who slices to the right.  I asked a law school classmate from Pace Law School to be my campaign manager. I asked my mother to be my treasurer.  She had been an effective handler of my finances over the years.  My only complaint was an incident in 1988 when she refused to advance me my allowance for a Milli Vanili tape.  In hindsight, it was the right decision.

I like this guy. Now, what is that crazy Garfield up to?
So far, the experience has been interesting.  Among the many candidates, I was the first to be interviewed by the local newspaper.  The interviewer asked various questions about me including some basics like which book inspired me and what American president I admired. Sitting under hot lights in the back room of the New Britain Herald's downtown office, I answered John F. Kennedy's "Profiles in Courage" and President Clinton.  (I had assumed the question meant "living" presidents. I should have answered William Henry Harrison.  He died on his 32nd day in office).  The online bloggers had a field day with me.  "His choice of JFK shows his lack of judgment!" one blasted.  "Doesn't he know about the failed Bay of Pigs invasion and who killed Marilyn Monroe?"  Some others scoffed at my answer for admired president.  "Clinton?!" insert crude  Lewinsky joke here_______.  

Not leaving well enough alone, I made the mistake of responding to the anonymous bloggers.  I was an educated rational attorney.  I would win them over with my charm and knowledge of the issues. When an anonymous poster told me to "give it up"  referring to my earlier failed bid for office, I responded that George Washington lost in his first attempt for elected office.  You can almost guess the response.  "So now he's comparing himself to Washington?! Get a load of the cojones on this guy!"  Of course, I don't compare myself to the founding father of this great nation.  I am actually more like Abraham Lincoln.  Like Lincoln, I am also a tall gangly lawyer who tries to avoid going to the theater with his wife.  But I digress.  

With the dog days of summer fading into memory, I look forward to my fall journey into the world of politics.  As I embark on a season of door knocking, glad handing, sign waving and debating,  I hope you enjoy my account of the journey.  And if I happen to knock on your door my fellow Americans, please take care to keep the sprinklers off and the dog at bay. 

Paid for by Baron for New Britain.  Marie Baron Treasurer. Approved by Adrian Baron.  


Susan Salerno said...

Attorney Baron. This made my day. So happy to see you writing again!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love your style of writing. Keep doing what you are doing Baron.

Anne Lawrence said...

Your blog is hilarious! Do you think having a blog will affect your political career? I'm on my way to becoming a lawyer in St. John's, but I eventually want to get into politics. Any tips?

Sweet Jenny's said...

I love the writing! You should now call yourself The Baron! lol. I think it is great that you want to make a difference! Keep on going!

Adrian M. Baron said...

Thank you Anne, Jenny and Susan

Anonymous said...

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