Monday, April 20, 2009

Finally a Way to Access Your Law Office From the Beach

The Nutmeg Lawyer Reviews Go To My PC When I speak to attorneys, one of the things I often hear is "I don't work enough long hours. Isn't there something I could do so that I could work 24 hrs a day, even on vacation?" Or, "When I'm home, I miss my job. Can't I bring more work home with me?" If that's you, then boy are you in for a treat. OK, so maybe the last thing you want to do on vacation is work. But haven't you run into the situation where you wish you could just check something on your computer. Perhaps you're home and you want to catch up on work without having to drive to the office. Or you're in court and an argument is presented that you could probably counter if you had that information back in the office. Or your in Aruba and you want to submit changes to a brief while sipping pina coladas from the beach. Some of you may have come across Go To My PC. This program allows you to access 20 different computers from a remote location. Basically you can access your computer from any outside computer. We decided to give Go To My PC a test run. Our first worry was that allowing such remote access may place our confidential files in jeopardy. Then I thought, who really needs to hack into our computers to find out Mrs. Doe was arrested for shoplifting a ham or that Mr. Smith was divorcing his wife because she cancelled ESPN. Nevertheless, client confidentiality is always a concern. The concern was alleviated after learning that the program is highly secure with full AES encryption using 128 bit keys. It should do well in protecting your sensitive data including your fantasy baseball stats. That is 128 bit keys! I don't know what that means, but it sounds pretty secure. Setting up the program was pretty easy, even for the less tech savvy. Like most software today, you basically just shove it in your computer and click when it tells you to click. (I should do computer tech support). When you go home, make sure you leave your work computer on and connected to the internet. When you need to access your computer you simply log into the and input your password. Just like magic, you can view your work desktop as if you were sitting in front of it (or walking on a treadmill in front of it-see previous article). You can even print documents and syncronize files between computers. When syncronizing files, I suggest wearing a tuxedo and turning off the lights to give the added 007 effect. Using the program, you can also access your computer from your Pocket PC, Microsoft Windows Mobile and other wireless devices. Go To My PC gives you a free trial run, so you can test it out before you decide to sign up for the service. At around $14.95 a month, it is an affordable alternative to smaller law firms and solo practitioners as well. I tend to use the service with a smaller netbook. Although other attorneys may snicker at your smaller laptop in the lockerroom, I have found it easy to throw in my briefcase along with a small portable printer. It is very effective to use during downtime in court. Other attorneys I have spoken to actually use the program instead of investing in a computer network for their small law offices. (Disclaimer: Sadly the Nutmeg Lawyer does not receive compensation for product reviews)

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