Monday, April 20, 2009

Connecticut Lawyer Joins Red Sox

A Tip of the Cap
According to Judicial records, Connecticut attorney Arthur Giddon was admitted to the bar on Christmas Eve in 1949 and had a successful legal career until he retired in 1999. Now celebrating his 100th birthday, Attorney Giddon is returning to his first career. As a kid growing up in Brookline, Mass, Arthur served as a bat boy for the Boston Braves in the early 20s. The Boston Herald reports that he will now be able to relive the experience again on Saturday when he will serve as honorary bat boy for the Yankee-Red Sox match up at Fenway. He'll be the guy wearing 100 in the "Big Pappy" jersey. A tip of the cap to Attorney Giddon. We wish him all the best. Just be careful. Remember what they did to Don Zimmer.

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