Friday, May 1, 2009

Lawyer Devises Unique Way for Clients to Pay During Tough Economic Times

The ABA Journal reports that 58 year old Florida lawyer James Harvey Tipler was disbarred for misconduct that included having an 18 year old client pay for her $2300 legal bill with sex acts. He knocked $200 off the bill for "relations" and an additional $400 when another woman had "relations" with him. My first thought was how appalling. My second was, I wonder why the second woman got the client a bigger discount? Here is a link to the Florida Supreme Court's April 30th opinion regarding the disbarment.

Personally, I am shocked and appalled that a member of the bar would exchange legal work for sex. With a client base that includes the elderly and some burly construction workers, our firm tends to frown on this practice.

A quick check on indicates the Stanford Law grad has a history of sanctions that include an admonishment, a public reprimand and probation and a rehabilitation suspension. (Another reason why Avvo is growing on me. You can check out an attorney's sanction history before you refer a client. It can save you from future headaches )

The first thing that clued me that something wasn't right about this guy was his name. What is it with these three name guys always being assassins or serial killers. Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth, Mary Kate Olsen......It's a pattern.

With that said, enjoy the weekend.

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