Monday, May 11, 2009

Sometimes God Just Smiles on You

A Little Story to Brighten Your Day No prolific law review worthy material to post today. Just needed to share this story. For the past few months, I have been involved in a rather testy civil trial where opposing counsel has been nothing less than a nightmare. Rude and crass, he has a habit of slamming the phone down when he doesn't get his way. After being ruled against on my motion, he threw it on the floor. He puts on academy award caliber theatrics for his clients . Frankly, I don't get the ridiculous grandstanding. What is the point of being so uncivil all the time? He likes to portray himself as a tough guy. He was the reason I wrote the piece on civility between attorneys.
Apparently, the universe doesn't care for him either. During a deposition in our office, a small bird flew through an open window and began fluttering around the room. Much to my delight, opposing counsel's high pitched scream resembled that of a little girl who just found out her brother ripped off all the heads of her Barbie collection. I preordered 50 copies of the transcript. I wonder how the stenographer is going to spell AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! OK, so maybe my snickering is childish. Are you really going to criticize the innocent laughter of a child?
Sometimes God just smiles down on you. Hope you had a great day. I know I did. .
P.S. The bird survived his adventure too. Tommorow, I am shopping for a birdfeeder.


Anonymous said...

I laughed when you posted this on twitter - but today in the light of day I laughed even harder!! What goes around comes around.

Brett Owens said...