Monday, August 10, 2009

Blawger Survivor

Sean Carter's Lawpsided View of the Law describes itself as "Random musings about the state of the law and the legal profession from its foremost (and likely, only) Humorist at Law." I was intrigued. I thought I was the "funny blawg." My wife then explained to me that I wasn't that funny. I disagreed with her. I thought I could be funny. As many know, there is a fine line between being funny and being a jackass. As such, I decided to check out Sean's blawg to see if I had what it took to be a law humorist. I was determined not to be a jackass.
I soon learned that Sean was a professional law humorist. As the founder of Lawpsided Seminars, he crisscrosses the fruited plains delivering hilarious seminars to bar associations, law firms, legal departments and law schools. I was just a guy sitting in my boxers complaining about his whacky clients. I would have to step up my game. I would have to earn Sean's respect. I would take his Blawger Survivor Challenge.
The blawger challenge is a mix of Survivor and "the contest" on Seinfeld. According to the rules, blawgers had until 11:59 pm PST on Sunday, August 9th to sign up for the contest. Done and done. The Nutmeg Lawyer (or Nugmeg Lawyer as posted) is now one of about 18 entries in Blawger Survivor. The prize? Street cred and a book. Of course, I already had street cred.
I played a shark in my junior high school production of Westside Story. I could dance fight with the best of them.
Everyone from the 1L Poet to the law offices of John C. Markowitz. I am actually an avid reader of California Attorney Markowitz's blog, I could see that the competition would be rough. John is sincerely a great writer. Take this excerpt from a post on litigation and politics.

Is such vicious conflict unavoidable? Is there something in people that needs to fight for what they believe in, and make enemies of those who disagree? It seems clear to me that the need to fight is an important part of the human character, and this is not always a bad thing. Struggle for what we believe in is what gives meaning to our lives. This is true in litigation as well as politics. People who find themselves engaged in a lawsuit often claim the most steadfast devotion to matters of principle and justice, and they often have a hard time letting go of the fight, even when it makes business sense to settle. Parties as well as attorneys get caught up in the battles of litigation. We have a natural desire to win, and to beat the other side. I should not complain about these tendencies, since they keep me in business, and I find myself attached to the battle as much as anyone.

Well written, meaningful and becoming of a lawyer. Now take a look at a typical quote from my blawg where I referred to a recently disbarred attorney:
Personally, I am shocked and appalled that a member of the bar would exchange legal work for sex. With a client base that includes the elderly and some burly construction workers, our firm tends to frown on this practice.
As you can see I have to step up my game if I want to be successful in the blawgosphere. The rules stipulate that competing blawgs will appear in the list of blogs listed under caption "Blawger Survivors" on the right. The blog link for the Nutmeg Lawyer will remain on the list as long as I continue in the contest.OK, so I am up for it. But I suck at rules. I have to post a qualifying entry for every day of the contest (Monday through Friday for the weeks ending August 14, 21 and 28). If I fail to post a qualifying entry on any day of the contest, my blawg will be removed from the survivors list and I will be shot. So here goes nothing. A blawg post a day. I will do my best to keep them interesting. Hope you keep reading.

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