Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gov Rell Issues Statement Regarding Judicial Appts

Statement on Judicial Appointments

The following statement should be attributed to Rich Harris, a spokesman for Governor M. Jodi Rell:

“Governor Rell feels strongly that more diversity is needed on Connecticut’s bench – and, frankly, throughout state government. The Governor, however, may only nominate judges from a list of pre-approved candidates. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of minority candidates on the current list of prospective judges; only about 4 percent of the candidates on the current list are minorities.

“The Governor believes that every leader in state government – whether in the Executive, Legislative or Judicial branch – must play a more active role in encouraging talented, capable candidates to apply for judgeships or seek to serve elsewhere in state government.“Governor Rell has done more than any previous Governor to promote diversity in Connecticut’s courts, boards, commissions and state agencies – an accomplishment of which she is very proud. One need look no further, for example, than the state’s current female Chief Justice, Chase Rogers, or Appellate Judge Richard A. Robinson. The Governor remains deeply committed to this principle and will work to ensure the state’s courts reflect the people they serve, including historically under-represented minorities.“For that reason, the Governor is committed to appointing a qualified, approved minority candidate to the bench in the coming months, following a thorough and rigorous recruiting and vetting process. Connecticut is a state rich in its racial, ethnic and social diversity and that diversity should be celebrated.”


Maryland Criminal Lawyer said...

This is interesting. While I do agree with diversity in most circles, I don't think there should be diversity for the sake of diversity. I guess what I'm saying is that we should look at the qualifications of the individual, not their race.

Anonymous said...

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