Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where's Nutmeg?

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to readers of the Nutmeg Lawyer who have been sending emails wondering why there have been no recent posts.  Comments ranged from "why aren't you posting" to "are you dead?"  Suffice to say, I am still kicking around and back from my European exploits. My trip included a few weeks in Poland where I was surprised to find a bustling country on the move.  My first visit to the country was in the early 80s during the height of communism.  At that time, if a regular Polish citizen wanted to buy a car, he or she was put on a ten year waiting list.  And the fruits of your long wait? A Polish made Fiat.  (Think of a Yugo without the leg room).  Jumping ahead to 2010, you can now buy a Ferrari in Warsaw. 

My trip also included a visit to Gdansk (formerly the German city of Danzig named after an 80s metal band from New Jersey)  and Sopot, a wonderful resort city on the banks of the Baltic Sea.  With white sand beaches, beautiful hotels, and world class dining, you would never guess you were visiting a former Eastern Bloc nation.  While I was there, Pearl Jam and Cypress Hill were performing at a music festival.  You could also find some of the world's greatest jazz players playing in various clubs throughout the country. 

Of course, this is not a travel blog. I did mix in some business and met with some Polish lawyers. Unlike the United States, Polish practioners cannot advertise. No late night commercials asking if I was injured in an accident, no bus ads with images of lawyers holding bags of cash.  They even get to wear fancy robes when appearing in court.  Attorneys are greeted with "Pan Mecenas"  (roughly translated Sir Attorney) Why can't we have that?  I would love a Good afternoon sir attorney once in awhile.  I would tell you the greetings I get some time, but this is a family blog.

But I digress, the Nutmeg Lawyer will resume regular postings.  Thank you for all of your kind comments.

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