Word of Advice, Don't Ask for the 50% Off Special.
As a rule of thumb if you decide to pick a fight, try not to do it half way through your haircut. Unfortunately, twenty year old David C. Davis did not follow this advice.  The young man was getting a haircut on New Haven's Henry Street when he got into a little altercation.  According to Davis, another man began walking aggressively towards him.  Davis responded by lunging a pair of scissors into the the back of the aggressor. Unfortunately, with the scissors lodged in the man's back, his "barber" could not finish doing his hair.  The victim's thick jacket saved him from more serious injuries. Davis was charged with first degree assault and later received a warrant for failing to appear in court on a separate matter.

Frankly, I think the look works for him.  It accentuates his neck tattoos.  He is slated to be back March 22nd.  Hopefully that buys enough time for him to finish his haircut.