Tuesday, April 5, 2011

UCONN Win Leads to Arrests

Our warmest congratulations to the University of Connecticut on their latest national championship.  Last night, the Huskies defeated Butler 53-41 in Houston. Unfortunately, the celebration has lead to some criminal defense work for local attorneys.  UCONN campus police arrested 24 celebrants followed by three off campus arrests by Connecticut state police. Charges ranged from breach of peace, inciting a riot, vandalism, criminal trespass and interfering with a police officer.  Campus police report that a car was flipped and a few dumpster and a couch fire needed to be put out.  A crowd of about 200 revelers had to be dispersed with dogs after some in the crowd threw bottles at police. The scene was actually better than it was in 2004, the last time the men won the whole shebang.  At that time 35 people were arrested.

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Ellen T. Wright said...

I have never-and probably never will-understood why it is some people have to "celebrate" by committing criminal acts of vandalism, rioting, and so forth. Have a party-sure. Destroy other people's property? Set fires? Get ugly with the police? I don't get it.