Monday, April 4, 2011

Yale Law School Gives Students the Full Monty.

Law school can be a dog eat dog kind of world.  Success can mean a better job and brighter future for a budding barrister.  As you can imagine, the quest to come out on top is usually coupled with a good deal of stress.  Many students put their lives on hold in order to attain a career in law. They suffer failed relationships, skip family events and have been known to miss entire seasons of American Idol.  It's enough to make anyone go nuts. In my day, we handled the stress of legal study like real men.  Men who built empires out of wood and steel.  Men who bit the bullet.  Men who walked it off.  Men who cut paths through the dark wilderness.  Only occasionally did we cry ourselves to sleep on tear stained pillows while cursing Socrates on our way to slumberland.  

I am sorry to report that these days, law schools are getting more "touchy" and dare I say "feely". These days, our nation's illustrious halls of legal education are making an effort to help their students deal with stress. Yale Law School is leading the charge. If you've never heard of Yale Law, it's a little school located in New Haven, Connecticut.  Along with a law degree you can also get a certificate in air conditioner repair or a beautician's license.  Yale was my fall back school. OK, so maybe I'm still bitter. Of course you've heard of Yale.  Maybe I did apply to Yale and maybe admissions turned me down.  Was it really necessary to send my application back shredded with the notation "Are you kidding me?" written on the envelope?  But I digress... 

The Hartford Courant reports that Yale Law School has launched a program for students to relieve stress.  Several have enrolled in a 1/2 hour non-credit class with instructor Monty, a licensed therapy dog.   Initiated by staff librarian Julian Aiken, Yale Law Students can check out the certified library therapy dog to relieve some of their mounting stress. Basically, you can pet, play or simply hang out with Monty in the library.  Personally, I like the idea.  I may even donate a goldfish or hamster to my alma mater.   No word if Yale will continue with the pilot program. Either way, the Nutmeg Lawyer sends Monty our warmest regards.


Anonymous said...

The Yalies are only law 'students,' but already I like Monty better than them.

Equus Spirit said...

Careful-they both drool.