Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Fertile Octogenarian

I had every intention to write a thought provoking post about a criminal defense attorney's role in defending the constitution.  Then "Mabel" strolled into my life.  The spunky senior was looking for representation for a spot of trouble she got herself into.  No, it wasn't a dispute with her sewing circle or her bridge club. The 85 year old was accused of shoplifting several porn DVDs. After our consultation and with the faint smell of Ben Gay still lingering in the air,  I stared at my law diploma for several minutes.  For all the tough cases, sometimes you get one that makes you want to chuckle. If only I could go back in time to chat with James Madison and let him know how important the 6th Amendment was to modern Americans.  I think he'd be proud.  

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Equus Spirit said...

I think I'd like to meet "Mabel". She sounds like a hell of an old broad.