Monday, April 11, 2011

Kudos to CT Judge Carmen Espinosa

Kudos to former Superior Court Judge Carmen Espinosa who has become the first Hispanic judge to be voted to Connecticut's Appellate Court.  A native of New Britain, the judge was first appointed to the Superior Court bench in 1992 by then Governor Lowell Weicker.  After studies at Central Connecticut and Brown,  the judge graduated from the George Washington University School of Law. 

Her tough as nails background included work with the post Hoover era FBI.  She spent 3 years as a Special Agent investigating terrorism, white collar crime, and even counter intelligence work with the Chinese.  In 1980, she worked as an Assistant US Attorney as a federal prosecutor until her appointment to the bench.  Connecticut practitioners may recall Judge Espinosa from her stints presiding over criminal dockets in New Britain, Bristol, Waterbury and Hartford.

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