NL Guest Authors

Erin Torneo
Co-Author of the New York Times Best Selling Book: "Picking Cotton" See Erin's post regarding her experience in writing the book about her true account of a woman's unlikely friendship with the man wrongly accused of her rape and sent to prison for 11 years

Donna Giancontieri
New York Reporter, Author of "Mastering Media Relations" See Donna's post on "Tips for Dealing With News Reporters & Getting Better Press Coverage"

Cliff Tuttle Jr.
Pennsylvania Attorney,
See Cliff's post on "Why Blog? 10.5 Good Reasons".  Most Read NL Guest Blog Post of 2010

Randolph Morgan III
North Carolina Attorney
Author of North Carolina Law Blog
See Randolph's post on "The Whole Truth"

Kristi Royse
Principal of KLR Consulting
Nationally recognized time management consultant See Kristi's post on "How to Stop the E-mail Insanity"

Brett Owens
Co-Founder and CEO of Chrometa LLC

Dan Markowitz
President of TimeBack Management

Diana Mercer
Founder of Peace Talks
Co-Author of  Your Divorce Advisor.  A Lawyer and a Psychologist Guide You Through the Legal and Emotional Landscape of Divorce.  Diana's post "Something's I've Learned in 23 Years as a Divorce Lawyer"

Lee Rosen,
North Carolina Attorney.
Author of the Divorce Discourse Blog