Created in 2009, Nutmeg Lawyer posts have appeared in various media outlets throughout the US and Canada ranging from the ABA Journal to the Wisconsin Lawyer Magazine.  Known for its snarky humor, NL contributors have included New York Times Best Selling Authors, CEOs of Legal Software firms and some of the leading legal bloggers in the nation. The Nutmeg Lawyer was honored to be selected as one of the Top 100 Blawgs of 2010 by the ABA Journal Magazine.

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April 2011 Blog of the Month

There's just a bit too much Connecticut law news, relevant commentary and anecdotal law practice advice here to consider the Nutmeg Lawyer a humor blog.  But read awhile and you will laugh out loud-and start to feel like you know Adrian Baron pretty well ABA Law Journal 

The Nutmeg Lawyer Adds Spice to the Blawgosphere - The Connecticut Law Tribune
With titles like "Representing Family Members and Other Horrible Life Decisions, the [Nutmeg Lawyer] has quickly become a favorite of Connecticut Judges, Attorneys and Law Students" - The New Britain Herald

If you are an attorney or wish to become one, or if you wish to get an insight into the inner workings of a law office and the mind of an attorney, may I suggest The Nutmeg Lawyer? The posts are fascinating, and it's a look into a world that most people don't know exists, having been weaned only on the Law and Order franchises and Perry Mason - The Kindle Blog Report

Some would say that there are already plenty of lawyer blogs.  But Adrian M. Baron, it's author, can really write - Jim Calloway, Director of Oklahoma Bar Association's Management Assistance Program and Author of Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips 

"The Nutmeg Lawyer is the best legal blog in America, no kidding" - Cliff Tuttle Jr., Author of Pittsburgh Legal Backtalk 

"Baron tells a great story. ......... This is how one lawyer does it right." Lance Godard, Author of  "Are You Reading These Posts" and "22 Tweets".

"Blawgger Adrian Baron is a machine, publishing useful and entertaining posts almost every day. Hats off." Ian Fergunson, The Sociable Lawyer 

Perhaps one of the most gifted writers of this or any generation.  His words are a symphony for the eyes and the soul..   - Attorney Adrian Baron

Nothing piqued my interest. Absolutely nothing.  Scott Greenfield, curmudgeon & author of Simple Justice Blog