Monday, March 22, 2010

Lawyers Aisle Three. PLBT Asks Why Walmart Doesn't Practice Law

I ran across a great post today at Pittsburgh Legal Back Talk entitled "Why Walmart Doesn't Practice Law."  Attorney Cliff Tuttle dives into the murky depths of non-lawyers providing legal services.  I am sure many have run into this problem.  In my own practice, I often have clients come in with pre-made wills asking me if everything looks OK.    Other states have non lawyers doing real estate closings.  Notaries prepare immigration paperwork.  The end result is usually a tangled mess.  With matters like immigration, it's usually a one shot deal.  Screw up the paperwork and the client is on a plane back to Katmandu.  Some states have even begun efforts to stop the Legal Zooms of the world for the unauthorized practice of law.   I encourage you to head over to PLBT to check it out.


Anonymous said...

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misha trotsky said...

Sort of OT: This a thorough debunking of the born in Kenya scenario: