Friday, April 22, 2011

Criminal's Detailed Tattoo of Crime Scene Leads to His Arrest.

Look Boss, the jail the jail!
Criminal of the Week: Anthony Garcia
If you practice criminal defense law, you probably would agree that most criminals are not exactly candidates for Mensa. Despite the old adage "loose lips sink ships", many find themselves locked up because they cannot help but brag about their crimes.  Take Pico Rivera gang member Anthony Garcia for example.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the ink loving gang member was so proud of his participation in a 2004 liquor store murder, he decided to memorialize it with a tattoo.  No, it wasn't a tattoo of Tattoo from Fantasy Island fame.  He decided to skip the standard choices of Chinese characters, unicorns and I Love Mom tattoos.  Garcia wanted something special.  Something unique. He decided to get a detailed sketch of the crime he committed  permanently affixed to his chest. 

Kevin Lloyd, a sharp eyed LA County homicide investigator was flipping through photos of tattooed gang members when he came across Garcia's photo.  His large chest tattoo depicted a liquor store with Christmas lights lining the roof.  It was the same liquor store where 23 year old John Juarez was gunned down.  Just in case there was any question, the tattoo also included the direction the murdered man's body fell, a street lamp and even street signs.  Above the image was the words "Rivera Kills."  There was also a firing helicopter. Why a helicopter you ask? Apparently, the gentleman was known as "Chopper" among his illustrious colleagues.
Judging by the tattoo, Garcia also hates peanuts.
Apparently, adding large arrows and the phrase "Pardon me officer, please note that I Anthony Garcia, a member of the Pico River gang killed the individual below as depicted on my detailed tattoo" would have cost too much. Perhaps there was no room for it to also be notarized.  Kevin Lloyd's eagle eyed discovery of the telling tattoo would eventually lead to an investigation and a resulting arrest.  A detective, posing as a gang member, was placed in Garcia's cell. Garcia was soon bragging about the shooting. This week Mr. Garcia was convicted for first degree murder. 


Anonymous said...

To quote Bugs Bunny. What an ignoramus. What a maroon

Android said...

That's a whole new level from posting photos of the stolen goods on facebook!